Porsche 909 Bergspyder History

Porsche won numerous European Mountain Championship victories with the 907 , 908 and 910 . The Stuttgart constructor won the championship in 1966 and 1967 with Gerhard Mitter , but in 1968 Ferrari announced the production of a brand new car, much lighter than the Porsches. Ferdinand Piëch , the head of Porsche’s technical department, immediately began developing a car to beat the new Ferrari. This is how the Porsche 909 was born. She was nicknamed “plastic Porsche” or Porsche plastic. It was equipped with a 2- liter 8-cylinder engineof capacity developing 275 ch. The car weighed only 420 kg but Ferdinand Piëch claimed that its weight was actually only 375 kg , which was never officially verified. The great lightness of this car was due to its extreme stripping and the use of very light materials.

Nevertheless the Porsche 909 suffered from difficult handling and the drivers will prefer the 910 Bergspyder, which had a year of development behind it.

In passing, rectify a frequent mistake: it is not with the 909 that June 8, 1968 Ludovico Scarfiotti was killed; it was with the 910 Bergspyder that he went out and crashed against trees along the road. The accident took place in Rossfeld, Germany . A stuck accelerator was suspected of causing the accident.

The 909 which was to begin in August Sierre- Crans Montana , two months after the death of Scarfiotti, did not begin until September Gaisberg (Stommelen e) and the Ventoux (Stommelen e ) behind Bergspyder 910 for the second and last race.

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